Course staff office Hours

Instructor: Adam Smith (Mondays 4-5pm and Wednesdays 1:30-2:3pm in the BE game lab)

Instructor: Robin Hunicke (Mondays 5:20 - 6:55pm in DARC 308)

Instructor: Tad Leckman (Wednesdays 5:20 - 6:55 DARC 308)

TA: Afshin Mobramaein (TBA)

TA: Ella Dagan (TBA)


By the end of the quarter: You'll present your game during the Sammy Showcase event. Given just the title of your game (or title + platform) a random game-literate person could find, download, install, and play the first part of your game (assuming they had the right hardware, etc.). 


Team: (50%)

(15%) Gameplay trailer

(5%) Banner artwork

(5%) Website from which people can get the final game

(25%) The final game (on that website)

Individual: (50%)

(5%) Cover letter

(15%) Individual professional website

(5%) Reflective essay

(25%) Contribution to team deliverables

Course Outline

Week 1:

Monday, April 2: Course Introduction

Wednesday, April 4: TA meeting scheduling

Friday, April 6: [playtesting in lab, same for all future Wednesdays and Fridays]

Week 2:

Monday, April 9: Adam's Lecture on Testing

Assigned: Individual Professional Website

Week 3:

Monday, April 16: Tad's Lecture on Game Trailers

Due: Individual Professional Website

Week 4:

Monday, April 23: Tad's Lecture on The Funnel, Presskit Websites, and Marketing

Assigned: Print Banner Artwork

Week 5:

Monday, April 30: Tad's Lecture on Game Menu Visual Design

Due: Gameplay Trailer Rough

Due: Print Banner Artwork

Week 6:

Monday, May 7: Adam's Lecture on Tutorials and Instruction

Assigned: Cover Letter 

Week 7:

Monday, May 14: Adam's Lecture on Platform Release & Post-release Maintenance

Due: Cover Letter

Week 8:

Monday, May 21: Robin's Lecture on ABC Burndown

Assigned: Game Trailer

Assigned: Game Website

Week 9:

Monday is Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 30: Robin's Lecture on Emergent Topic II

Week 10:

Monday, June 4: Adam's Lecture on Sammy Showcase Preparation

Assigned: Individial Reflective Essay

Due: Game Trailers

Due: Game Websites

Sammy Showcase happens this week

Finals Week:

Due: Final Version of Game

Due: Individual Reflective Essay